Using GENOME with a Stereo Amp DI

Using GENOME with a Stereo Amp DI

In the following knowledgebase article we highlight how to configure GENOME - or multiple instances of GENOME - to work alongside a Stereo DI signal, be it a Pedalboard, Physical Amp / Loadbox or Modelling Processor.

What is a Stereo DI?

A Stereo DI is essentially two channels of audio, hard panned with one channel outputted via the Left Speaker channel and the other outputted via the Right Speaker channel.

Does GENOME Accept a Stereo Signal?

Yes, with the update 1.03, GENOME has been configured to process a stereo or a mono signal at its input stage and there are dedicated options to select how a Stereo Signal is processed into a compatible Mono source. These are:

  • Stereo: In this instance, the stereo signal at the input is processed in stereo by GENOME
  • Mono LR Mix: In this instance both channels of the Stereo signal are summed to a Mono signal
  • Mono from Left: In this instance GENOME takes the left channel of the Stereo signal only
  • Mono from Right: In this instance GENOME takes the right channel of the Stereo signal only
For Genome V1.02:  GENOME only works with a Mono Signal Source. Within GENOME’s lane-based architecture and component arsenal, Mono to Stereo signal conversion is automatically administered in order to keep you focussed on creating exceptional guitar tones. With a Stereo signal input, GENOME’s component arsenal and lane based architecture could compromise your signal resulting in some unfavourable results when it comes to configuring your signal path.

Having issues?
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