How to Factory Reset Your C.A.B M

How to Factory Reset Your C.A.B M

This page explains how to reset your Torpedo C.A.B. M to it's Factory Settings.

WARNING: All your presets will be DELETED and replaced by the default assortment included with the C.A.B. M out-the-box.

To Factory Reset your C.A.B. M, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Unzip the on your Deskop
  2. Plug your C.A.B. M to your computer using the supplied USB cable from the Box Contents and turn it on
  3. Launch TorpedoRemote4Manufacturer application:
    1. On Windows, double click on TorpedoRemote4Manufacturer.exe and follow the instructions
    2. On MacOSX:
      1. Right click on TorpedoRemote4Manufacturer and Select "Open" in the menu
      2. Press the Open button

      3. Press the OK button

  4. Wait for the "Unplug the Torpedo device" message. The reset takes approximately 9 minutes to complete 
  5. Once you have disconected your Torpedo C.A.B. M, Close the TorpedoRemote4Manufacturer window
  6. Your Torpedo C.A.B. M is now reset to it's Factory state

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