Demoing & Purchasing DynIR Components in GENOME

Demoing & Purchasing DynIR Components in GENOME

Two notes’ DynIR catalog contains over 700 cabinets. Within GENOME’s DynIR Component, comprehensive facilities are available to preview and purchase any cabinets not assigned to your Two notes License in real-time within the context of your virtual RIG.

Identifying DynIR Virtual Cabinets Not Assigned to your Two notes Account

Within GENOME’s DynIR Component, the symbols next to the cabinet’s name distinguish whether a cabinet is owned / assigned to your Two notes license or available for demo / preview.

  •   The preview symbol indicates that the related DynIR is not assigned to your Two notes Account and as such is available for preview only.
  •   The license symbol indicates the cabinet is owned and therefore available within your Two notes license.

To list and browse the Two notes catalog of all DynIRs not assigned to your Two notes account license, enter Preview Mode by clicking the Preview symbol within the DynIR Component’s Cabinet Browser (circled in red below). The number of cabinets will show the total number of guitar or bass cabinets currently available for demo within GENOME (circled in green below).

To view cabinets allocated to your Two notes Account license, simply exit Preview Mode by turning off the Preview symbol (circled in red below); you will notice the number of cabinets available in the DynIR Browser is reduced to only those assigned to your Two notes Account (circled in green below).

Previewing DynIR Virtual Cabinets in GENOME

To preview a cabinet, simply instantiate the related DynIR. You will notice a message is displayed in the DynIR component window warning that silences are inserted while you play. The preview symbol (circled in red below) is also present in the component block of GENOME’s Lane based architecture to indicate at a quick glance that the cabinet loaded is in Preview Mode.

Purchasing DynIR Virtual Cabinets in GENOME

  •   Click on the cart symbol next to the cabinet’s name to add the desired cabinet to the cart.
  •   To remove the current previewed cabinet from the cart, click the cart symbol above.
  •   Upon adding cabinets to the cart, a cart button appears in the top right hand corner of the GENOME Interface. Click this button to view the list of selected cabinets for purchase and follow the related links to complete your purchase via the Two notes website.

Having issues?
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